Whether or not you’re a Whole Foods junkie or a religious reader of labels, you probably think about what kind of food you’re feeding yourself. You may pick organic over other offerings. You probably know that whole grain is better than super processed. But are you using this knowledge to it’s fullest potential? Do you apply what you know about nutrition to your furry friends’ diet?

A vet once told me that feeding your dog any of the popular, inexpensive brands of dog food off the shelf of the grocery store was the same as feeding your dog McDonald’s every day. Now most of us wouldn’t try to survive on McDonald’s because we know that it’s just not that healthy … even when you don’t supersize. So are you feeding the equivalent of McDonald’s to your dog?

To find out more, you can rate your dog food. Here’s a link to a handy chart that gives a grade (just like in school) to your dog food. Warning: you’re going to need to have the bag handy because you have to go through the ingredients. You’ll also find a list of popular brands and their grades, so if you’re inspired to make a switch from “fast food” to “whole food” you can find some options that make the grade.