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Hope, Faith, and Perseverance


Apparently June is the month of Dachshunds, as MARQ has received 3 special Doxies this month!

First came Hope, she is a beautiful  Standard Dachshund of about 4 years.  This sweet soul was certainly someone’s family member, as she is very affectionate and house trained.  Somehow she found herself seriously injured and in the custody of KCK animal control, and then sadly on the euthanasia list at the pound.  Her crime?  She was injured and the pound could not/would not treat her.  Her kennel card reads the reason for euthanasia is a broken front leg.  Luckily a fellow rescuer shared her story with me, and I could not leave her to die alone simply because she was hurt.  It turns out Faith had broken teeth, a dislocated Iliac, and severe nerve damage in her right leg.  She was hospitalized for a week, and is currently on kennel rest for the next three weeks.  During this time we are waiting to see if any feeling will come back to her leg, if not, sadly, we will have to amputate.   Through it all Hope is always smiling!  She never whines in her kennel, but watches the other dogs intently and wags her tail like mad if you approach.  She is a wonderful dog, and I “hope” there is a family out there that will see past her injuries, and into her soul.


Then came Perseverance, or Percy for short.  He is about a year or two old, and is a gorgeous red Dachshund mix.   He is sweet and spunky, and LOVES people!  He came to us by way of a vet’s office where he was abandoned by his owner after he was hit by a car.  Both of his back legs were broken when he broke free of his tie out and ran into the road to follow his people across the street.  He story was again shared by a local rescuer, and MARQ volunteered to take this sweetheart in!  One leg has already healed, and the pins come out of the other this week.  We are expecting a full recovery, though he may have a little limp.  He is funny little dog that loves to play, and then take a nap cuddled in your lap.  He is a loveable little guy, and it is unimaginable to me that he could have been so easily discarded by his previous family.  Percy will “Persevere” and find a family that will love him into old age!


Last came little Faith, a tiny little Long-Haired Doxie that weighs only 7 pounds.  This poor girl was dumped at a local Petsmart during another rescue’s adoption event.  She was filthy and terrified when she arrived at my home Sunday night.  I could tell immediately she was also sick.  She was crawling with fleas and ticks, and was so weak she could hardly stand.  I immediately gave her some sub-Q fluids as she would not drink on her own.  I gave her a flea bath, and that is when she started vomiting blood.  We rushed her to the hospital where she has remained since.  The vet says her little body is ravaged with internal worms (one of the worst cases he has seen).  To top that off we believe she might have ingested poison as well.  She is bleeding internally and requiring around the clock care.  We are hopeful she will be out of the hospital this week.


These are all wonderful dogs, that deserve so much better than what life has delivered thus far.  Please consider donating to their care, or better yet…giving one the family he deserves!

++ UPDATE ++ 6/29

Percy has his home!



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