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When we first met Murray (formerly Lars) on the day we picked him up for adoption, we learned a few things: he was a Blue Boston that had been surrendered by a rural breeder who didn’t think he would sell because of his coloring; he relied on his little sister for protection but was slowly becoming braver every day; and he was tough enough to survive being kept outside in a kennel for both a hot Missouri summer and a cold Midwest winter.

Since we’ve had Murray for a year-and-a-half now, we’ve learned a few new things:

 He’s got more personality inside him than you’d think his stocky little body could contain (and, Thank God, that breeder had no idea what a great dog they gave up).
 He can be very independent when he feels safe (or simply insistent when he feels like it’s time to play regardless of whether we’re half-thru watching a movie and he was just sound asleep five seconds earlier).
 He can catch a Frisbee out of the air around three to four times out of 10 (but we’re working on improving those statistics) and will play fetch until he’s so tuckered out that he just lays down in the grass (still with the tennis ball in his mouth, mind you).
 He’s completely unaware of his own size (as evidenced by his tendency to constantly start wrestling matches with his ten-pound heavier “fur brother” and significantly larger dogs at daycare).
 He’s completely aware of his cuteness (as evidenced by his patient and manipulative begging for fruits, veggies or meat whenever we’re making dinner).

These are not things we learned about Murray overnight. These are things we earned the right to know by taking care of Murray, comforting Murray, feeding Murray, protecting Murray, playing with Murray, training Murray and loving Murray.

He’s still timid around strangers and takes awhile to warm up to them, but in the comfort of his home with just my wife and I (and fur brother Baxter), he shows us the side of himself that others rarely get to see:

Playful. Curious. Rambunctious. Loving. Goofy.

We sometimes lament the fact that whatever happened to him in his past doesn’t always allow him (yet!) to display these aspects of his big personality to others right away. At the same time, we cherish the truth that the home we’ve been able to provide for him has allowed him to share his true self with us.

Murray is why any dog we get in the future will be a rescue dog. There’s a joy hard to describe in bringing home an animal the world has been at best neglectful of, at worst cruel to – and helping that innocent spirit see that this world can also be warm and kind.

We couldn’t be more grateful to the Erin’s MidWest Animal ResQ for bringing Murray into our lives.

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  • 2013 – the year of smiles

    Wow, what a difference a year can make!

    2012 was a year marked with many wonderful achievements, and so much incredible growth for the MARQ family.  I am so grateful to so many for the HUGE success we had this year, and I would like to take a moment to reflect on some of our accomplishments this year!

    • We became an ‘official’ 501c3 organization.   I could not have done this without the help of our very first board:  Lisa Roush Morse, Tammy Blaha, Radena Stager, Thomas Stannigan, and Graham Simms.  Thank you all SO much for your help and support through this process!
    • We have more than tripled our following on Facebook, we now can reach close to  30,000 people  with a click of a button.  This has created amazing opportunity for the MARQ dogs!  Thank you all for supporting us, and keep spreading the word!
    • 2012 we were awarded our very first grant by Pawsative causes!  This award made a huge difference in the life of so many last year, thank you Lisa Roush Morse for writing the winning grant, you are fantastic!
    • Last year we got this fancy new website, time and expertise donated by the web wizard Reed Scarfino…Thank you!
    • 2012 we had our very first fundraising events!  From our first resQ reunion to our golf tournament, we had great support, and wonderful people!  What a great way to come together, and raise funds for the pups, each and every one was a great success.  Huge thanks to Sherry Zans and Carrie Bermel for making our events so great!
    • Our foster home program has exploded!  This means we can help so many more dogs, and rehabilitate them quicker with individual attention foster homes offer.  I have to thank Lori Beam and her organization Doghousing inc. for providing the support and organization needed to grow our foster family program!
    • We received a perfect inspection from the state of Missouri, and that could not have been done without the hard work of our Director of Operations, Thomas Strannigan.  This man works harder behind the scenes every single day, than most of you will ever know.
    • Now, the most important thank you of all:  To every volunteer that transported a dog to get him out of the shelter, that made chicken and rice to help a sick pup, that opened their heart and home to an animal in need, that donated supplies and hard-earned money in this tough economy, that helped to nurse puppies around the clock, that offered up a hand when asked to, to those that gave me a shoulder to cry on when we lost a dog, that made me laugh when I needed to, to the cross posters, they advocates, the educators, and the animal lovers….I say THANK YOU!  There are too many to name, and that in itself is humbling.  It is YOU all that make this organization what it is.  Each and every one of you are MARQ.  Without you we would not survive.  I do not get to say thank you enough, and I don’t get to show my true gratitude enough, and so today I humbly say THANK YOU, I could not go down this path without the help and support of each of you.

    Take a moment and look over all the smiles you helped to create this year!   What a HUGE accomplishment!


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