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  • Doghousing, Inc. is a new concept in animal rescue in the Kansas City area.  It came about because of my love of fostering.  I got involved with fostering when my dog’s, Bacchus, health was failing at the age of 12.  All his life I felt it would be unfair to him to bring in another dog to share my love.  But when he developed a degenerative spine issue and slowly became unable to walk, and eventually unable to stand, I felt the time was right to bring in a companion for him so that he would never have to be alone.  I did not want to adopt another dog because losing my boy was devastating to me.

    The answer to the situation was Gertrude.  Gertrude was a skinny, scared, puppy-mill rescue that had lived her life first in a puppy mill, second she lived feral-ly in the woods behind the puppy mill after she made her escape.  From there she went to rescue and spent her days in a kennel.  Gertrude had some physical and psychological injuries and was in desperate need of a foster home.  She came to stay with me and Bacchus.  She was unlike any dog I had ever seen.  She was terrified, had never lived in a house and was basically shut down.  It was a perfect situation for Bacchus.  Gertrude was content to lay beside him all day long while I was at work.  It took about 3 weeks for her to approach me as I sat on the couch.  She was far more comfortable with Bacchus than with me.

    So time went on and I lost Bacchus a few months later.  (Dang it, I still cry when I write that).  Gertrude, with all her issues, got me through that horrible time.  Gertrude proved her worth and we fell in love.  She became Gertrude Beam.  And not only that, but a little while later I went back to the rescue and got her Daddy, Romeo.

    Now my home was full, with two gorgeous German Shepherd dogs that needed me to teach them how to be dogs.  I felt that Bacchus would be proud of what I was doing for them.  Soon, though, adopting two dogs was not enough for me.  I still wanted to help.  I knew I didn’t have the location, time or money to open a rescue.  I went in search of a rescue to volunteer with and that is how I met Erin Morse of Midwest Animal ResQ.

    I agreed to foster a dog for MARQ and there has been no looking back.   My foster experience with MARQ led to more and more saves.  I was out walking my dogs one day, when the thought occurred to me that Erin was just one person and she was doing everything on her own-rescuing dogs, fund-raising, adoption events, adoption appointments.  The amount of messages she receives in one day is astounding.  Her rescue was growing by leaps and bounds but she needed more fosters to save more dogs. How could I help more than one dog at a time?

    The answer to that question was Doghousing, Inc.  What we do is handle the recruitment, screening and support of people that want to foster.  By taking on one aspect of the whole puzzle we free up some time for the rescue to concentrate on rescuing.  We also raise awareness that fostering is an option.  Many people do not want to get involved in the sad part of rescue work.  Doghousing, Inc. ensures that each foster is in charge of their own fostering destiny.

    We have an active Facebook page and we post dogs in need of fostering and leave it to the approved fosters to choose the situation that works for them.  You will never see an “urgent list” or a dog that still needs to be saved.  We only post dogs for fostering that are already under the protection of a licensed rescue.

    We provide fosters for local rescues as well as out of State rescues that pull dogs from this area but need short-term fosters until transportation.  We have small dogs and large dogs, young and old. Whatever your capabilities are, we will find a dog that you can help!

    And we will be there with you the whole way.  If you have questions or just need to talk, if you think you can’t do a transport drop off on your own, we’ll be there to show you the joys and heartache of saving a dog’s life, watching them flourish and sending them to their Forever Homes.  There really is nothing like it.

    So check us out at or     …and SIGN UP TO FOSTER TODAY!!Doghousing

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