****Unfortunately, at this time, we are not able to raise money through Fundinco.org and Amazon. Amazon.com has been working with Congress to standardize a nationwide Internet Sales Tax as part of the Marketplace Fairness Act.  Until this act is passed, Amazon has been terminating their Associates Program in specific states that have elected to begin collecting Internet Sales Tax at the state level and thus not progressing towards a standardized taxation mechanism.  Fundinco.org leverages this Amazon Associates program to offer free fundraising for non-profit organizations.  Amazon.com notified us this week that unfortunately Missouri is one of the 7 states across the US in which they have elected to shut down their program – which means that we are forced to discontinue the Amazon.com specific program with any organization operating within those states.

Until further notice, we cannot utilize the Fundinco.org site. Thank you for help and hopefully this will be back up soon.****


We are constantly looking for ideas and ways to help raise money to save more furbabies. When Fundinco.org contacted us about a new way to fundraise and a way for everyone to participate, we couldn’t say no.

Fundinco.org has partnered with Amazon to help benefit organizations, like us, help raise additional funds on items that you purchase on Amazon.com.

For some, you may already be familiar with our Wish List on Amazon.com and may even be a frequent Amazon.com shopper. Plus, if you’re a Prime member on Amazon.com, you know that when you buy something, it only takes 2 days to ship  and its free.

Where this benefits you and the ResQ, with every purchase you make on Amazon.com, regardless of the items, we make a commission on those items. You can feel good knowing that the item you purchased is also giving back to us. If you purchase something from our Wish List or Featured Items, it benefits us twice because we still raise money from the purchase and we get an item that we needed.

The next time you’re on Amazon.com shopping for a gifts or everyday house hold items, click on this link first so that a part of your purchase can help out the ResQ.

Don’t forget that Halloween Costumes, Christmas, Hanukkah and New Years is just around the corner.

Thank you in advance for your support and thinking of us as you’re shopping on Amazon.com