Midwest Animal ResQ takes on many special needs dogs that require extensive surgeries, rehabilitation, medication and care.  We would like a to create a fund that would help to cover the costs of these animals, so we can continue to save their lives!  Below are some of the special dogs we saved just this month alone!  You can read more about them and follow their journeys on our Facebook page.

Your tax deductible donation will help care for the medical care of animals like those below.

Just this month we have rescued:

Frank, a senior Shih Tzu, rescued from a puppy mill.  This dog is needing his eye removed after suffering extensive neglect at the breeding facility.

Lustitia, a Chihuahua mix that had been living outside in a rabbit hutch, she is blind and needing surgery on her eyes.

Julia, a senior pointer mix that needs substantial dental care and blood work

Piggy, a young French Bulldog, rescued from a breeder, she has genetically deformed hips and needs to have Xrays and see a specialist.


Daisy, and American Eskimo dog, who needed surgery to remove a large and painful mass from her shoulder

Alice, who just gave birth to 12 puppies at our facility, all will be needing medical care.

– See more at: http://www.youcaring.com/nonprofits/specialty-medical-fund-for-animals-in-need-/157368#sthash.jwHxmqr8.dpuf