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I’m sorry for the graphic picture, but wanted to share his story, it’s a story I see repeated way too often.

This dog was dumped in the country, I think people believe that if they dump their dog in the country, the dog will live out some fairy-tale farm life, frolicking in the open fields. This is NOT what happens. More often than not, the dogs are hit by cars, starve, or are shot by local farmers, when the dogs become a nuisance chasing cattle and knocking over trash bins. There is no animal control in the country, no animal shelters…many folks, take in as many dogs as they can, but when/if these dogs start to threaten their livelihood (the livestock), there is no where to turn for help. It’s a terrible problem, and it’s not the fault of the farmer, it’s the fault of the ignorant and irresponsible person who dumped this dog in the first place. We shall call him Prince, and he is coming to us today. he was shot in the face, and he survived. We will need your help to heal him; physically and mentally.



Prince went to the vet where he was sedated so that they could clean his wound and put in a drain, and X-ray.  Once the x-ray came back, Prince went into emergency surgery for the bone infection, to try to remove the bullet, and to wire his jaw back together.

Prince will be in the hospital for at least a few more days. He is on IV fluids and antibiotics, and is in pretty good spirits considering.



Below is the bullet removed from Prince. Our resident gun expert had to say: “That’s one tough pup! That’s a .45 cal 250gr wadcutter. generally just stops grown men in their tracks, developed by the military.”
The fact that he’s survived is pretty amazing!



Prince is in great spirits. Every person who has met him remarks what amazingly sweet boy he is. Despite what people have done to him and how much pain he is in, he meets every new person with a wag. I know I say it often….but we can all learn a lot from our dogs!

If you would like to donate towards Prince’s care, please visit



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  • We’re making a splash!

    We are shaking things up a bit for our 3rd Annual ResQ Reunion.

    All pets are welcome, whether you rescued from us or not. Come out to meet us and see all of our alumni. Plus, get your pooches picture taken with Fido Fetch Photography!

    The ResQ Reunion is going to be held at The Bay Water Park, 7101 Longview Rd, Kansas City, MO on September 6th.

    For the first hour, we will have exclusive rights to the park, so make sure to get there from 11:00am – 12:00pm.

    The cost is $10/dog to swim from 11:00am – 2:00pm.

    If you dog is afraid of the water, still come out and see us. Sometimes our pets get influenced by seeing the other pups having fun that they may try it for themselves.

    See you all soon!



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