For the 3rd year in a row Kansas and Missouri top the HSUS list for housing the worst and most numerous puppy mills in the nation. The sad part is that these mills are USDA licensed, many of them are selling “AKC registered” dogs, or those “designer hybrids” with the cute names. So, please don’t be fooled, papers are not worth the paper they are written on! If you are purchasing a puppy at a pet store, or from online classifieds, you are supporting this kind of suffering. Yes there are good breeders, however they are not selling their dogs to the first person with a credit card. People research the homes they buy, the cars they purchase, the schools their children attend….so please research prior to getting a pet, they often (we hope) last longer than all the other things on that list. Be part of the solution; adopt, don’t shop!

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