Two years ago we started a “Chewy challenge” and successfully raised the funds for a larger, more appropriate, location for all the MARQ critters. This bigger space has allowed us to save more animals, but with that has come an increase in costs. We continue to take in those that need us most: the special needs, the seniors, the weak, and the neglected. Your support is what allows us to continue this mission.

With that we are kicking off the Chewy Challenge 2.0! We are asking for a recurring donation of just $2.00 per month. It’s a small amount, heck it wouldn’t even buy you a coffee at Starbucks, but it absolutely will help us save a life! The magic of the MARQ army is…we all do a little…and it adds up to a lot!! Please consider signing up and making ‪#‎chewychallenge‬ a HUGE success!