Remember when you had to wear a diaper? We don’t remember when we had to wear one either but we did as babies. And there is a good chance we will when we get older, too.

Unlike puppies and kitties, they don’t wear diapers, they just make a mess. As they get older, some dogs or cats require diapers or belly bands to ensure they aren’t leaving their “stuff” all over the house.

You may have a dog or a cat that you’ve had to diaper and you’ve created diapers by purchasing children’s diapers, cut a hole for a tail, etc. Now you don’t have to. The folks at Barkertime hand make diapers, belly bands and other products. Not only are their products created for looks but also to improve the quality of our pets lives.

As part of their affiliate program, we receive 15% back in donations from each purchase. Check them out and thanks for shopping!

Barkertime Dog Diapers and Belly Bands