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Are you about to become a first time pet owner? If so, congratulations on the decision to bring a new “fur baby” into your home! Whether you are adopting a cat, rescuing a dog, or getting a different type of pet altogether, this is a monumental step in your life.

If you’re uncertain about how to prepare your home for your new pet, don’t worry. You can do this – and you have come to the right place to learn more. This article contains a couple words of advice (okay, more than just a couple) which will be helpful for anyone preparing to bring a new pet into their home:

How to help a new pet acclimate to his new home
Especially if you are adopting a rescue pet, you might find that your new four-legged family member is nervous, anxious or even fearful at first. This is perfectly normal – and your pet might need some time and space to adjust. This article offers great tips for helping any pet settle into a new home.

How to bond with your new pet
One of the most important first steps after getting a pet is to start the bonding process. How you bond with your new pet might depend, in part, upon the type of pet you adopt. Cats, for instance, may need more space at first than dogs. During the bonding process, you may want to give your pet time to adjust to the home, gently showing the pet that you can be trusted, and rewarding good behaviors with treats. Eventually, you’ll want to slowly start playing with your pet (or taking your pet with you to run errands) to increase the bond between you.

Many cities now have local dog-friendly parks, restaurants, coffee shops, and even some banks are now dog-friendly. Not only does this help your dog look forward to taking trips with you; it also helps teach your dog important socialization skills.

How to care for your pet while you’re away
If you work from home, you will probably be around to care for your pet – but this only applies to about 1 in 4 people. What about the rest of us? You might consider hiring a dog walker or pet sitter if you have a particularly demanding job. This is especially important during those first few weeks after adoption, as it helps to ensure your new pet is properly looked after and doesn’t feel abandoned or forgotten.

Regardless of the type of pet you’ve chosen to adopt, there will undoubtedly be an adjustment period for both of you after you bring your pet home. It can be a “ruff” situation on your pet as well as yourself, but by getting to know your new pet – and by following the important tips listed above – you can provide the compassion, comfort and safety that will help you both settle into a daily routine… and a lifelong relationship. Good luck!

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